Desert Moon

Pushkar, Rajasthan                                                                                                                       India, May 2017

Into the vastness to find herself, into the melting sun.  Her heart yearned for love, though the answers laid in solitude. The golden sand whispered her secrets of the world. She gazed at the endless dunes, which appeared to be nothing but desert, although she slowly realized they were full of hidden life.


She saw the flat horizon, the vast empty space, the sound of the camel’s breath, the quiet wind and then all around, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It was as if the world has chosen this place to display its vastness, its simplicity, and complexity. It was as if this moment had chosen her, to show that she too could become like this desert.

Empty, infinite and at the same time full of life.


She could feel the earth beneath her feet, the warmth supporting her telling her to dance. Inviting her into the wild, into the wildness of her heart.

She could hear the wild calling her, “Come with me and release your worldly troubles. Dance with the desert and live by the wind”

She realized in that moment she was free. That her freedom was within her. When she moved her body she could feel her soul expanding into her surroundings. She knew that her world had expanded. It was more vast than ever before.



Pure expression flowed through her body, pouring through her veins and out her fingertips. Completely immersed in the moment she surrendered. Everything became quiet as if the world had no darkness.





The sunset bathed the scene in an unearthly light. She looked up at the sky and saw the vast space full of questions and answers, knowledge and truth. A white light began to shine from behind the dunes. The moonlight tiptoed its way over the desert until everything was covered in a sheet of silver silk.


The world was changing and she was apart of this transformation. Despite all the injustice in the world, all the horrible things that happen to us that we feel we don’t deserve. Despite the fact that we sometimes find our selves stuck in a situation incapable of changing. Despite the hatred, the ugliness, the disagreements. Love is even stronger and it will help us grow. It will help us expand until there are no walls to box us in.

Only then will we be able to understand the Moon and the stars. Only then will we be able to understand the miracles of life.

She became still, a deep stillness within. She heard the Moon whisper,

“When you are here, everything is wild”.



Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my beautiful and amazingly talented friend Nogani Moore. For sharing and capturing this magical experience in the desert of Pushkar.



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