When I move I feel free

I feel connected,

I feel safe.

It takes me to a world far from here yet I am present with every breath.

As I move I heal, whatever is buried deep down begins to rise.

It flows through my body and out my fingertips then it just dissolves away,

Movement is my medicine.

I want to share this with you





Even the simplest things can bring the deepest insight.

It is easy to be distracted by the constant noise and motions of life.

To get caught up in the rush and miss the tiny moments in between.

Though it is these moments that the beauty hides. It is in the simplicity that the greatest lessons wait to be uncovered.

All things are made up of good and bad, darkness and light, pleasant and unpleasant. It is up to you what you see.

We can not control what happens to us but we can control how we perceive each experience.

As I journey through this beautiful, crazy world I want to show you things through my eyes.

I want to share my challenges, my insights, my experience and the lessons I have learned. This life will push you to your absolute edge, it’s up to you whether you fall or fly…

These are my insight

The world through my eyes


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