Finding stillness amidst the chaos

Agra, India

February 17th, 2017

In all of her beauty, in all of her grace. She stands tall amongst the chaos. Surrounded by constant noise and movement she stands strong. Not swayed by the disturbances. Not hindered by the rush.

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Slowly we wandered around with eyes wide open, noticing the effort and struggle that was taken to build her stable foundation. Each tile so perfectly places, each brick laid with care. We searched for corners of stillness that we could borrow for a moment. To sit and listen, to sit and learn.

Some corners allowed for this, others told us to dance. To move with her presence that filled the space. To move the air that surrounded her.

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The next morning we rose before the sun and journeyed back to meet with her once again. This time from across the river as she woke to the golden light. She stands tall in her truth allowing others to take what they need without depleting her.

We sat in stillness allowing silence to wash over us as the morning slowly joined. With eyes closed, it was easy to forget just how magic she is until we once again opened our eyes to see her white marble shimmering to the world.

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It is here we took rest in knowing she was listening to our prayers. We thanked her for her beauty and strength and headed back into the chaos where we could put these lessons into practice.

Surrounded by the sounds of India, with horns and motors, smog and thousands of bodies going nowhere fast we stayed in our place of center. Letting the craziness pass by, observing the organized chaos. An introduction to the country of contrast.

DSC01012 2The craziness, the madness, the hustle for survival while having the ability to be content with the life you have been given. These people do not question why things are the way they are but rather live in a place of acceptance and deep belief.

We continued on our journey with the lessons in hand. Bags on our back and smiles on our faces we trekked down a traffic jammed highway in search of our bus. Settling in our seats with tired eyes and trust in our hearts we were ready for our ten-hour bus ride to Rishikesh. Ready for anything that comes our way.

No matter your surroundings stand strong, stay in your truth, stay in your center.

Don’t let the noise disturb your stillness…

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