Online Retreat

Re-Wild Yourself

Online retreat

Journey through your

Energetic and Emotional body

October 2020

7 Week Embodiment Journey

Have you felt overwhelmed lately?
Are you ready to step into your true power?
Do you want to reconnect deeply with the
Empowered Woman
That lives within you?

It’s time to


To dedicate this time to become the highest version of you
By connecting with intention and awareness
To find your way back to freedom.

Why 7 weeks?

We have 7 energy centres in our body
Each week we will connect to a new Energy centre
Exploring practices to balance and Embody our true self

How this journey works?

All practices will be pre-recorded
And sent to you at the start of the week
You can do them in your own time at your own pace
There is no expectation
There is nothing to prove

Once a week there will be a live

Sister Circle via Zoom

Which will also be recorded
If you can’t make the call,
You can watch it back in your own time
This is your journey
I am here to guide you every step of the way


– A ritual which will guide you back to your raw expression of truth.
– Embodiment of the sacred knowledge and practices that will heal you from the inside out
– Deep alignment and connection to your mind, body and spirit
– The tools to live your best life, without self judgment or suppression

How to start your journey

Step 1 – Gift yourself this opportunity to expand
Step 2 – Invest in yourself
Step 3 – Sign up to Re-Wild Yourself
Step 4 – Read through your Welcome email
Step 5 – Know you are not alone, I will be guiding you through your journey

What is included?

7 x Guided Meditation
4x Embodied Yoga Flows
3 x Embodied Movement / Dance Meditations
7 x Songs and Lyrics to reconnect back to your voice
1 x Welcome, introduction video
7 x Journal prompts related to the theme of the week
7 x Affirmations related to the theme of the week
1:1 Guidance from me
7 x Weekly sister circles via Zoom
4 x Breath work sessions
Access to the private Re-Wild yourself Facebook group
A community of like minded women on the same journey

Journey to Freedom through Embodiment

Week 1 – Trust

Week 2 – Creativity

Week 3 – Courage

Week 4 – Self Love

Week 5 – Truth

Week 6 – Awareness

Week 7 – Connection

Who is this course for?

If you are a Seeker, a Believer, a Dreamer
A Dancer, a Shaker, a Lover, a Mover
A Writer, a Singer, a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister
Then this is the perfect place for you.
I will be honored to have you here 
And to share this journey with you.

There are limited spaces available
If this resonates with you
Please book your space now
So you don’t miss out

How much is this journey?

This journey will be an investment towards your self growth
The total price is $900 for the whole 7 weeks
Initial $200 deposit to save your space
Weekly payments of $100

What is Embodiment?

Exploring yourself through movement, ⁣

Deeply connecting with your body, ⁣
your breath and your awareness. ⁣
To bring yourself back home, ⁣
back to this moment. ⁣

To feel more connected to yourself ⁣
To the earth ⁣
To others ⁣
Be kind to yourself ⁣
Be nurturing ⁣
But also be curious

Listen to the wisdom of your body ⁣
Embodiment means becoming whole⁣
To be in alignment ⁣
To feel deeply and fully. ⁣