Waves of Life – Sri Lanka

Three months on this beautiful island of Sri Lanka and I can see my growth, I can feel it as I ebb and flow with the tide. I feel the rise and the fall, the highs and the lows. Some days tears flow and others are full of endless smiles.

Each and every person I have met has welcomed me with a warm smile. Each day I learn more about the culture and the local way of life. The locals have even told me my skin is starting the blend with theirs.

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I still have to remind myself I’m not dreaming. That this is real and I have made the choices to arrive here in this moment. I have worked hard, internally and externally, I have chosen to drop the fears, the excuses, the self-disbelief and because of this I have become a better version of myself. Because of this, I am able to share all that I have learned with those around me.

Since being here I have taught at some of the most beautiful places on the south coast. Basecamp Hostel, Ceylon Sliders hotel, Sion Surf Camp and am currently teaching at Sunshine Storie’s retreat. My days consist of rising with the sun, sharing my love of yoga, eating amazing food, playing with the ocean and sharing shining smiles.


I have had to turn down job offers to make sure I am in the right place that will help me grow. Next month I will be teaching in yet again another paradise tucked away on the south coast called Hiriketiya. A beautiful bay with crystal blue waves rolling, swaying palm trees and turtles playing.

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I am overwhelmed by the response from those who join my yoga classes. It warms my heart to see the blissful smile after we close our practice with Namaste. The after yoga glow that fills the space as words of thank you fill the air. For this I am truly grateful and honored to be able to share my love of yoga, to share the knowledge of the tradition in the best way I can. I am constantly learning each and every time I teach. My students teach me with their openness and willingness to learn.

I still have my days of doubt. I feel old habits trying to creep back in, but then I let it go. Because I choose to grow. I choose to move forward. I choose to believe in myself and my journey.


I have fallen in love with the ocean all over again through the art of surfing. The more I surf the more I learn about myself, the more I learn about life. I use to dislike surfing. I never understood why people wanted to get smashed and tumbled and continue to paddle paddle paddle. I use to give up, get frustrated and constantly repeat over and over ‘I cant surf’.

All of the reasons why I didn’t surf are the reasons why I surf now. I surf to overcome my self-doubt, I surf to face my fears of not being good enough. I surf to let go of the fear of failing. And finally after weeks of paddling, trying, falling, nose-diving I surf to have fun. Of course, I still have epic wipeouts but I have learned to love my wipeouts. I choose to learn from them. I choose to push myself out of my comfort zone and instead of striving for perfection I strive for progress. Instead of telling myself ‘I cant surf’,  I sit on my board place my hands on the ocean and breath deeply. I say to myself, “I can surf, I release all self-doubt” And guess what… IT WORKS!


My body feels strong and my mind even stronger. I am constantly working towards self-belief and self-growth. I am a student of the ocean, a child of the waves. I feel the pull of the tides and to me, it is a direct reflection of life.

Sometimes we fall, sometimes we feel empty. Sometimes the motions of life are chaotic and we get knocked over and held under. We might feel as though we are drowning, then finally we make our way to the surface to breath fresh air once again. Then it’s calm and we can float taking the lessons from the wave that has past, so the next time the waves are overhead we can ride them with trust.

I am in constant growth. Each and every moment I am learning something new or practicing something familiar. Everything I teach in my yoga classes, I practice in the ocean.

A teacher and forever a student of life…

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