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My Intention

Hi, I’m Marley – A Yoga Teacher, Freedom Mover, Truth Seeker, Spirit Warrior.

I have a deep yearning to inspire people. To help you discover your passion, the thing that ignites a spark within you. That fills you up and makes you feel whole.

What are you passionate about?

What makes you feel most alive?

What makes you different?

It is questions like this that allow us to dig deep. It is questions like this that give us space to see what we are really seeking.


From here we can step into our truth.

It is in the mind not the body that we are restricted, once we step out of our comfort zone our true potential begins to surface. We realize our fears are just an illusion, a story in our mind.

And it becomes clear that the only thing holding us back is ourselves.

When we live without fear we abandon all insecurities,

We feel it dissolve away.

Instead of fighting against ourselves, we rise with awareness.


Instead of falling into old patterns we look back with understanding and realize that every experience has its lessons.

Instead of living with expectations, we live through inspiration.

Instead of dwelling in the past, we move forward with trust in our heart.

I aspire to inspire,

To reconnect people,

To shine some light.

For all those seeking and all those lost.

For all those who feel alone and for those who are wanting to express.

Calling all Women

To Unite

To come home to the wildness that lives within you


edges of blog2